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About Us

The Submarina Story

When Submarina founders Les Warfield and Ron Vickers moved to San Diego in 1976, one of the first things they did was try to find a sub-sandwich shop. The sunny days in San Diego were enough to lure the two U.S. Postal Service workers to request transfers from their Reno, Nevada, postal carrier routes. It wasn’t long, however, before they missed one of their favorite work-day lunch stops. As their sandwich search continued in San Diego without success, they started talking about opening their own shop. How hard could it be?

As Warfield said, “We had no experience, no capital and by every rule of business we should have failed. We didn’t know an avocado from prosciutto, but we were willing to learn.”

“The secret of our success is a quality product.”

The first shop opened in 1977 and was followed by a second in Escondido (California) in 1979.

Submarina secured its place by producing hearty sandwiches made from quality ingredients. Today the generous helpings of meat and cheese are still sliced in front of the customer, ensuring freshness. All breads are still made from scratch by a baker and delivered to the stores seven days a week.

Product quality has not once been sacrificed to turn a buck. Each and every customer is treated with the same enthusiasm and courtesy as the very first customer.

Today, the Kennedy brothers Brian and Matt, franchisees for over 21 years and trained by Ron and Les are taking the reins of Submarina, continuing the vision and passion that they had over 40 years ago.