Submarina® takes pride in the premium quality of all our products, and our custom catering creations make your event truly special. It starts with our commitment to using premium meats and cheeses hand sliced for every sandwich. We feature the freshest produce and artisan breads that are baked fresh daily. Your event is important to you. It’s important to us to provide premium products custom tailored to make your special occasion truly special.


GIANT PARTY SUB: Our classic Party Sub comes Custom Made to your specifications, filled with a variety of meats and cheeses hand sliced to order, complimented with fresh produce and finished with condiments of your choice.  It’s the perfect way to feed a large crowd and it’s fun, too! Each foot serves approximately 4 to 5 people.  Two foot minimum order.



SUB SANDWICH PLATTER for Business Meetings or Parties: A variety of our delicious Subs cut in quarters and garnished with a toothpick.



WRAP PLATTER for Business Meetings or Parties: A variety of our delightfully healthy Wraps cut in halves. 




BAGGED LUNCHES in Two Sizes: Delight everyone at your event with their own bag lunch!  Small bagged lunches are perfect for a children’s event or an adult snack.  Regular bagged lunches are ideal for a more substantial meal.



 ASSORTED SALAD BOWLS: Choice of Potato, Macaroni or Green Salad made with our finest fresh greens and produce complimented with your choice of dressing.





VEGGIE & DIP PLATTER: A classic mix of fresh veggies and produce paired with luscious, rich dip.



MEAT & CHEESE PLATTER:A mouthwatering platter of our finest hand cut meats and cheeses.  Order a Garnish Platter and a Sub Bread Platter and let your guests create individual sandwiches to their own taste.




GARNISH PLATTER: A platter of our garden fresh produce is the perfect accompaniment to our Meat and Cheese platter, allowing your guests to customize their sandwiches to their own taste.




SUB BREADS: A delightful assortment of our fresh baked artisian breads or dinner rolls.  The perfect accompaniment to our Meat and Cheese platter, so your guests can make their own unique sandwiches



Ordering Information

Each Submarina® location is individually owned and operated by licensed franchisees. Pricing may vary based on quantity ordered and by location. Please check with individual locations for catering specifications. Custom catering orders are individually prepared to meet your unique needs. We are available to cater your last minute event needs, but large orders and select offerings require advance notice.

Don’t see it? Not sure what you need? Ask to speak with a catering consultant. We can customize your order around your needs and budget.